© Wittlock Engineering LLC 2001- 2015 Version 21 is READY! Are you? Version 21.0 of the WE-CIM   CAD/CAM Edition is ready! Check out our NEWS page to get more information on the enhancements. Call Kathy today to ensure that your software maintenance contract is up to date so that you will receive the update. Welcome to Wittlock Engineering! The Wittlock Engineering team is no newcomer to the Fabrication world. We have over 50 years of combined experience in developing software solutions to fabrication problems. Most notably, they were involved in the creation of Point Control Co.'s SmartCAM software, and were the team that created Building Blocks Inc.'s CIMBlock products. They are dedicated to this product line, and committed to making it the best Fabrication and Nesting software solutions possible. Whether you are a small shop or a large production shop, our automatic true shape nesting software and advanced fabrication products can provide you with a solution. We support burners,lasers, waterjets, punch presses, and combination machines. Call Wittlock Engineering LLC at (256) 737-3075 today!
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We have a new YouTube channel and forum on CNCZone.com. Make sure to check out our News page for updated information on our products and services. Are You Ready For Version 21? We Are!
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